About the Drupal Association

DrupalCon is an event brought to you by the Drupal Association and the Drupal community. The Association exists to help the Drupal community. We are proud to do our part, helping the community grow and thrive. Our mission is fulfilled not only in DrupalCon, but in all of the work that we do for the community and the project: Drupal powers the best of the Web. The Drupal Association unites a global open source community to build and promote Drupal.

The Association is the fully immersed, non-profit organization that supports the Drupal community with funding, infrastructure, education, promotion, distribution, and communication.

Our mission-driven work is funded by supporters, members, and proceeds from events such as DrupalCon. We invest funds into resources and energetic people dedicated to supporting and extending the Drupal project and its community. When you support the Drupal Association you support Drupal’s growth.


Here are ways you can help

Post or find a job on Drupal Jobs

Drupal Jobs is where Drupal talent and the organizations looking to hire great talent meet. It’s the only Drupal career site affiliated with the Drupal project. It’s your one-stop shop for finding Drupal talent and, in turn, growing the impact you have on the Drupal community.

Join the Drupal Supporting Partner Program

Drupal-based companies—such as web development agencies and design firms—receive great visibility as leaders in the Drupal community. Partners receive promotional, networking, talent recruitment, and savings opportunities. All of the funding from the Supporting Partner Program goes directly to support Drupal.org.

Become a Member of the Drupal Association

Sign up for membership or add a membership to your DrupalCon registration. Membership is available for yourself or for your organization. By contributing as a member, you help build and maintain momentum that we need to continue providing support in the community.