Asia 2016

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Request a Certificate of Attendance

Did you have a great time at DrupalCon Asia but want something to show for it?  

We are happy to issue a certificate of attendance in PDF format for anyone who picked up their conference badge or signed in at a training.

Simply submit your request via our contact page with the subject "Request a Certificate of Attendance". Please include your DrupalCon ticket number or order number.

Limited number of DrupalCon tickets to be sold on site

Every DrupalCon has a few walk-up attendees, and we expect DrupalCon Asia to be no different. In spite of some technical limitations, and in the interest of keeping DrupalCon Asia inclusive and true to the “come one, come all” spirit of the Drupal community, we have worked hard to make sure that a limited number of tickets will be available on-site for walk-up attendees.

Staying for the Community: (More) Stories From Our Organizers

Some of our very own DrupalCon Asia organizers are members of the Drupal Association. We spoke to them about why membership is so important to them, and their answers were so great we had to share. Continuing from a previous blog post, we'd like to invite you to read why they support the community and the Drupal project with us.

Grab Some Souvenirs to Remember Your Time in Asia

When we travel, we create memories, and many of us seek to preserve these memories through souvenirs. Soon you will be in Mumbai for DrupalCon and when you are leaving, you should make sure to pick up something you can always cherish. Here are a few things you can take back from India as souvenirs, regardless of how big or little your budget may be.

Announcing the DrupalCon Asia Developer Contest

Vroom vroom! Love Adventure? Love Drupal? Want to win a Royal Enfield Classic motorcycle? You're in luck!

The DrupalCon Asia Developer Contest is being sponsored by the great folks over at Azri Solutions and they've come up with one of the coolest developer contests we've heard of thus far. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is this: create a beautiful, interactive visualization of the data found at, and submit it via github no later than 11:59 PM IST on Thursday, February 18.

Join us at the sprints

If you’ve been using Drupal for more than a day, chances are that you’ve benefitted from some of the work done at DrupalCon sprints. Some of the most important breakthroughs for the project are made by sprinters at DrupalCon, and attending sprints is a great way to give back to the project you love.

There are plenty of different sprinting opportunities, including mentored newcomer workshops, opportunities to assist with documentation and issue queue cleanup, and many different options for contribution depending on your personal area of expertise. At DrupalCon Sprints, there really is something for everyone.

Win a Ticket to DrupalCon Asia

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