You should stay at a DrupalCon partner hotel. Here’s why.

The hotels we chose are a perfect hub connecting you to a rewarding DrupalCon experience. It’s also a great way to show up for the community.

Here are some reasons why staying at a DrupalCon partner hotel is great for you and the community:

It’s close. Our hotels are located close to the convention center, a few minutes walk. We choose hotels at various price points within close range of the conference center to make it easy for you to move between your hotel space and the conference space.
It’s where we are. Our team and a lot of Drupalers stay at the partner hotels, which means you can catch up with fellow Drupalers at any hour of the day. You’re likely to run into an old friend, meet the person who can answer your Drupal questions, or collaborate on your project over breakfast.
Discounts and benefits from the city. Cities structure financial incentives for events based on how many people stay at the host hotel. By staying with us in the host hotels - you financially support the current DrupalCon and future DrupalCons. City incentives help us keep production costs and conference ticket prices low – keeping DrupalCon one of the most affordable technology conferences around.
It's another way to give back to the community.

Our strength comes from our great numbers. During the site selection process, we work with a variety of hotels to negotiate the best deals for our attendees. Using past DrupalCon hotel reservations as a baseline, Drupal Association guarantees to the hotels that we’ll fill a minimum percentage of the contracted space. If we meet that target then we can keep our production costs low and provide more benefits to the community. That means keeping the perks you are used to as we plan future locations. With collective bargaining power we are often able to offer perks like these:

  • About 10% discount on room rates

  • Free in-room WiFi

  • Access to other hotel facilities for conference activities

We know it’s tempting to find an Airbnb, and it’s fun to have your own space, we get it. But it’s pretty awesome to be in the heart of DrupalCon too. In fact we’d argue that it’s more awesome. And it’s an easy way to contribute back to the community through your stay at DrupalCon. We thank you!