Contribution at DrupalCon is evolving - here's how

On January 15, 2021, Drupal celebrated its 20th birthday - a major accomplishment for an open source project! As we look to the future, how can we propel Drupal forward to be the top digital experience platform?

Vision. Contribution. Innovation.

With Drupal 10 on the horizon for summer of 2022, the Drupal Association is helping to rally the community around Drupal’s key strategic initiatives, critical to meeting this milestone. We are collaborating with the Core Mentoring Coordinators, the Core Initiative Coordinators, and the DrupalCon Program Committee to evolve the contribution experience at DrupalCon to support key initiatives, illustrate how to get involved, and, ultimately, accelerate project innovation.

DrupalCon North America will incorporate Drupal's strategic goals and contribution opportunities into the main event programming. As part of your DrupalCon experience, you will have the ability to deep dive into a specific initiative or participate in more general conference programming. 

Each day, we focus

Each day, in addition to the traditional DrupalCon content, we will have a focus on one of the Drupal Project’s Strategic Initiatives and will begin with an Initiative Keynote. Key members of the Initiative will take us all on a journey through the goals of that initiative, and how it will help create a better product for us all to build future digital experiences. Co-speakers will join the keynote to place the initiative in the wider context of the value this feature brings to Drupal. This content will not just be for developers, but for everyone who has a stake in the strategic future of Drupal.

At the conclusion of the session, all the keynote speakers will be available for discussion with attendees.

Throughout the day, the program will contain select, highlighted content that helps participants of all backgrounds and skill sets to learn in detail how the initiative works, how it will enable them to build more exciting experiences, how to sell those experiences more effectively, and how they can participate in contributing to the initiative’s success.

Each day, we contribute

In the latter part of the day, participants will have the option to engage in interactive and supported contribution activities. Contribution opportunities will be available for both technical and non-technical audiences at all experience levels.

The day’s initiative keynote team will be available to coordinate contributions, alongside our mentoring team. On other days, we will all give the initiative team the space to build upon the successes coming out of their day in the spotlight.

Contribution is not limited to the focused initiatives. There will be space and opportunity for individuals who already have their own contribution teams and goals. You’re encouraged to work on them at DrupalCon and share your stories via #DrupalContributions for us to share with the wider community.

The transformation of contribution opportunities at DrupalCon will only make an impact with your support. Accelerate the project by contributing at DrupalCon and elevate the future of Drupal.

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More information about the specific schedule, content, and areas of focus for contribution will be coming soon. 

Editor's note: DrupalCon contribution activities will be available for free for non-ticket-holders as always.

About DrupalCon North America 2021

At DrupalCon North America 2021, the people who create the digital experiences the world relies on every day—developers, marketers, agency leaders, and business decision makers—come together to learn about the latest Drupal developments and contribute to the future of the platform.

This year’s all-virtual event, April 12-16, is designed to fit into your schedule, so you can still participate in the conference while balancing work and life at home. Live sessions will be held across five days, Monday - Friday from 11:00AM - 3:00PM Eastern, with these contribution activities in the latter part of the day

In events ranging from keynote presentations to hands-on skill-building workshops, you’ll:

  • Learn Drupal best practices, new skills, and innovative strategies you can use in your own projects.
  • Connect with others in the Drupal community, growing your network and collaborating on ways to make the platform even better.
  • Build your career or business, with opportunities to showcase your own work and meet potential employers, clients, talent, and partners.

Whether you attend DrupalCon to hear the vision from founder Dries Buytaert, to learn from mainstage speakers about open source and beyond, to develop your own talent or recruit talent of others, or to build relationships with new contributors, collaborators, and friends - there is a place for you at DrupalCon.