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Announcing 161 sessions of diverse speakers, new perspectives, and top-notch topics for DrupalCon programming

One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for a DrupalCon is selecting its sessions. It’s always incredibly impressive and humbling to see the great ideas that our community comes up with—and they’re all so great that making the official selections is definitely not an easy process!

This time, the Track Chairs had over 600 sessions to evaluate, and only 139 hours worth of time to fit. With the addition of the 25-minute talk option, we were able to accept 161 sessions to fill our programming time.

Level up your Drupal skills with our training courses, now available for sign-ups

Thirsty for Drupal knowledge? Want to dive deep into a topic and learn from the best in the field? Like to get hands-on with your learning material? We are excited to offer 10 full-day training classes at DrupalCon Baltimore that will turn you into a Drupal superhero. No matter if you are an absolute beginner or Drupal expert, our classes cover all experience levels.

Drupal Association Welcomes 17 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Our community is made up of incredible members from across the globe who continue to grow the Drupal project and create communities. DrupalCon is a place where community leaders and key contributors come together to meet, learn, and collaborate. The Drupal Association's Grant and Scholarship Program makes attending possible for many community members who may not have been otherwise able to join us.  

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