Government Joins the Summit Lineup

Are you currently working for the government in some way, shape, or form? Maybe you're a fed or are contracting for a government project or agency, or you want to work with the government and are interested in using Drupal to do it. If you fall into any of these categories, we have a great opportunity for you!

We are working hard to put together a one-day Government Summit that will dig deep into a lot of areas that are often covered in government red tape (though in this case, that tape is Drupal blue). This Summit will focus on bypassing bureaucracy and giving people direct pathways to getting things done with Drupal in government.

We have lined up an awesome keynote speaker, Zack Rosen, and some other amazing opportunities that we think will really help advance your mission, all while utilizing Drupal!


The Gov Summit is intended for anyone who uses (or is interested in using) Drupal in the context of government, whether it be at a local, state or federal level. All skill levels and roles are welcome. You’ll meet site builders, developers, themers, project managers, support specialists, and more.


Although the Gov Summit is part of the DrupalCon program, it (along with the other Summits) is a separate event and requires a separate registration. On your registration form, there is a section to select which topics pique your interest most, as well as an “Other” field where you can -- and should! -- suggest any other topics about which you are interested.

We are looking for folks to serve as topic facilitators, so if there are any topics about which you would feel comfortable leading a discussion (either among the topics listed on the registration form, or those you suggest yourself), please note that on your registration form. Don’t be shy!

Speaking of topics.  We think we have some great ones in mind, but are willing to consider that we haven’t thought of them all.  Please take a minute to fill out this quick poll and let us know which topics you would like to see covered at the summit!

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A Note About the Ticket Price

Those of you who have attended other GovCon events have probably noticed that there is a ticket price attached to this event while the other government events are usually free.

While we wish we could offer everyone a free ticket, there are operational costs associated with having the Summit as part of the official DrupalCon program. We hope the price will not dissuade you from coming to what is certain to be an informative, inspiring, and fun event!



Jess Dearie and Becca Goodman
DrupalCon New Orleans Gov Summit Leads