Musings of a Business Track Lead

Before working on the Session Track description, I spent some time researching. There are lots of blog posts on the business of Drupal, plus surveys and articles - and, of course, what other Session Track committees have researched and put together.

What it seemed to come down to this year was our own unified experiences - and the first ever Drupal CEO survey that supports what we see and directs our topics.

If we focus on the strategic priorities and upcoming challenges, we see results that are not surprising.

Priorities Chart

Yup. Talent and Growth.Outsource Chart

Thousands of Drupalistas are going to be in Baltimore in April. We’ll be teaching and learning and networking - as part of the Business Track, we’re looking at how Drupal, and specifically Drupal 8 is changing our businesses. How are we innovating? How are we scaling? What verticals have our attention? What expansion keeps our attention? Should we outsource? (60% of surveyed companies say they don’t!) How does that impact our corporate culture?

So many questions! And a week in Baltimore to very seriously consider them: We’re leading in the next wave of Drupal and raising our businesses to the next level, so no time to waste! Get in your session submissions!

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Liz Lipinski

Business Track Chair

DrupalCon Baltimore