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Share your Drupal Development Knowledge at DrupalCon

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe and we want to infer the same spirit for the Coding and Development track. This is an exciting moment in the web development industry and we plan to take advantage of that. The DrupalCon Barcelona Coding and Development track is focused on preparing developers for the future of the web development universe.

The Content Strategy Track: the Content Management System meets its purpose!

This year, DrupalCon Europe will include a dedicated track on Content Strategy. Let me explain why this is exciting news and a unique opportunity!

Content Strategy has been around for several years now. It defines how we create, manage and maintain quality content that is used to obtain our project goals or answer user needs.

If you’re reading this, you are likely very familiar with Drupal as the leading professional Content Management System and framework.

Talking Business and Strategy in Barcelona

This year, the Business and Strategy track in Barcelona will be about growth and change. The Drupal market is expanding as companies are growing, being founded or merging. Both growth and change present Drupal businesses with various challenges which is why we will focus on how we grow and how we sustain a strong culture in the midst of it, while sharing proven processes and tools.

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