The Decoupled Menus Initiative is hosting a contribution hackathon

The Decoupled Menus Initiative is hosting a contribution hackathon where you can help us test both the response format of the proposed menu API, and the new General project type on for facilitating development of JavaScript libraries within the Drupal ecosystem.



Join a team and contribute to one of the existing projects, or start your own and show off your ideas.

The goal of the hackathon is to create (or improve existing) projects on that leverage the proposed menu API in order to test the API itself and the new infrastructure for developing JavaScript libraries on

There are a couple of existing projects, with well-defined issues, that would be a great place to jump in and help out.

Or you can start your own. This is your chance to share your experience from past projects, or get creative and dream up new ways of navigating a menu.

We’ve set up a demo API endpoint that you can use to test a menu provided by Drupal. Check it out here, and here.

Some inspiration to get the creative ideas flowing:

  • Have a favorite JavaScript library that's not already represented (Vue, Angular, Ember, Svelte, etc.)? Create a project that demonstrates how to consume a Drupal menu using that library.

  • What is the digital signage representation of a menu?

  • Help add tests to one of the existing components.

  • What would it look like to navigate a Drupal menu via voice commands like Alexa?

  • Can you play Doom via a Drupal menu?

If you want to start a team, or have ideas but aren't sure where to go next come find one of us and we'll help get you pointed in the right direction.



Anyone and everyone is welcome. Whether this is your first time, or you're an experienced contributor, we'll have mentors who can help answer your questions and guide you along the way. And whether you want to write code, create docs, design interactive UIs, or anything else, we'll do our best to put your unique skills to work.

Have an idea for a project and want to find others to collaborate with? Let us know and we can help create the space, and link you up with potential collaborators.



Tuesday, 13 April is Decoupled Menus Day at DrupalCon. The morning will consist of a keynote and related sessions. And in the afternoon we’ll kick off the contribution hackathon. This is when we'll form teams, group newcomers with mentors, and generally provide the most hands-on guidance.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll schedule a time to hang out, answer questions, and help in any way we can. Expect this to be maybe about an hour each day. Though, many of us are in Slack (#decoupled-menus-initiative) and can be reached there asynchronously.

Throughout the rest of the week, you and your team are free to self-organize and work on your projects whenever it works for you.



The primary gathering space for the hackathon will be Open Social and Zoom.

We'll have a main Zoom call set-up where you can go for questions and guidance at any time. As well as individual Zoom calls for focused collaboration on specific topics. Think of these like how groups are often organized by table in a traditional code sprint.

The Open Social site contains a list of scheduled events and links to relevant Zoom rooms.

You find us in the #decoupled-menus-initiative on Slack.


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