Accessibility for Deaf Beyond Video Captions & Sign Language

Svetlana Kouznetsova

When people think about accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing individuals, video captioning and sign language, interpreting automatically comes to mind. But it goes beyond that. What about webinars, live events, telecommunications, emergency situations, education, employment, and so on? The vast majority of deaf and hard of hearing don’t know sign language to benefit from interpreters, and not everyone can lipread or benefit from hearing devices.

Sveta’s presentation will help attendees better understand that not all deaf and hard of hearing people are the same and learn more about various hearing and communication abilities and preferences in various situations. The speaker is an experienced deaf professional providing consulting services to businesses, thus giving you the unique opportunity to hear first-hand about accessibility for deaf people.

Let’s think outside the ears!


User Experience, Accessibility & Design

When & Where

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 18:20 to 18:50
Hopin Main Stage