Decoupled Drupal and Editorial Bliss

As decoupled Drupal architectures have gained interest and adoption, many of the most common pain points encountered during such builds have been solved by the hard work of the API-first Initiative team and the wider Drupal community. One area that is still seen as a newer frontier in this space, however, is the ability to provide compelling editorial experiences in a decoupled build.

This session will give a broad overview of how decoupled architectures have thought about improving the editorial experience, and what the horizon looks like it may bring in terms of more standardized approaches. We will cover things like the Card Stack ecosystem, live decoupled previews, using Schemata to generate JSON schemas of your Drupal data models and have them automatically turned into editorial interfaces in your JavaScript framework, and even show what a decoupled Panels-style layout system looks like.

No prerequisite knowledge is needed for this session, but those with a basic understanding of decoupled Drupal approaches will have a great base for following along. Attendees should expect to walk away with a greater understanding of what is possible with decoupled enhancements to editorial experiences, where things are heading in this space, and how they can get involved.

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Drupal 8 (current)