Business Summit

The Drupal Business Summit is a terrific event for business leaders to network and learn from each other. Usually it is a gathering of CXOs, business managers, delivery managers, and sales leaders from Drupal agencies, but often leaders and decision makers from businesses who are end-users of Drupal, also attend the event.

For DrupalCon Asia, we would like to focus on helping regional Drupal agencies move up the value chain by helping business leaders collaborate, discuss and learn from each other’s experiences in their business journey.

Business leaders should expect to gain insights across varied topics such as:

  • sales and marketing
  • outsourcing
  • Agile contracting and delivery
  • building a strong culture
  • contributing to Drupal
  • how D8 changes the landscape for Drupal agencies
  • altering perceptions around quality from India (yes, we take difficult topics head-on)
  • others

We are expecting business leaders from agencies around the world to attend the summit. This would give us an opportunity to hear and learn from them. To ensure an interactive meeting on which all participants can get to know all other participants, we are limiting the number of participants to 50 people. For this reason, only 1-2 people from any single Drupal company or organization may register. To ensure open conversation, vendors are not allowed to attend this event.

Who Should Come

  • Business leaders (owners, executives, and decision-makers) from Drupal companies with at least three full-time equivalent employees
  • This event is for business leaders already using Drupal -- businesses using Drupal to serve clients as well as businesses who are using Drupal for their Digital strategy
  • We want to make sure to market and include business leaders from the entire region (Asia-Pacific), not just India


Round Table Topics

  • A part of the summit will consist of facilitated roundtable discussions covering specific topics. Topics may include: Agile contracting; outsourcing to India; moving up the value chain (becoming a valuable partner to global businesses); how to find the right partner (for agencies interested in outsourcing); Drupal in the Enterprise; and other general topics that arise in the registration survey about hot topics. Topics will be decided based on attendee feedback: During or after registration, attendees will vote on or rank possible topics, and the most popular, distinct topics will be chosen. Facilitators and subject-matter experts (SMEs) will be assigned to each topic.


  • 15-30 minute presentations given to the entire audience on relevant topics selected by the Business Summit Lead. We will reach out to possible speakers to develop this line-up and will place these presentations throughout the day to bring the group back together.

Event Information

Date: Thursday, 18 February
Time: 10:00-18:00
Location: Room 11, Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IITB

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