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Visualize Drupal

Successful Open Source projects are often a result of vibrant communities. Over the years, Drupal has evolved into one such ecosystem where people "come for the code & stay for the community."

This contest is about showcasing the Drupal story.

We are inviting you and fellow Drupal community members to enter the Azri Developer Contest. Explore all the data provided by at, and create interactive visualizations to showcase what the Drupal story looks like to you. Uncover interesting insights into Drupal growth, usage, and adoption over the years and share your findings with the community at DrupalCon Asia.

The Prize:


Vroom Vroooom! Yep, you guessed it. If you build an amazing visualization, you might be riding home from DrupalCon in style on your own Classic Royal Enfield...a MOTORCYCLE!!

Are you ready to go big and ride home?


All submissions must be submitted by 11:59 PM IST on Thursday, 18th (6:29PM GMT on Thursday, 18th)

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If you have any questions, learn more on the contest webpage or contact the Azri team on Twitter or by email.

You can also visit Developer Contest help desk on Thursday, 18 Februrary on the Ground Floor of the VMCC for any last minute questions or advice. 

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Contest Rules & Regulations

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