If you're not going to DrupalCon, you're missing out

The Drupal Association has partnered with Niswey, an India-based marketing firm, to provide marketing materials for DrupalCon Asia. Every few weeks, we'll be sharing the blogs and comic strips that our Niswey friends have created in anticipation of the convention.

Are you coming to DrupalCon Asia? If you live and breathe Drupal, this is an event you can't afford to miss! DrupalCon is a fantastic opportunity to gain new Drupal knowledge and skills, make important mentoring and business connections, and contribute to the project. Some of the biggest changes to Drupal come about because of conversations at DrupalCon, and the connections made at the Con are hugely important to many shops' continued success. If you're not going to DrupalCon, make sure you talk to your boss, because your competition is almost certainly going! We'll be sharing materials in the coming weeks on how to convince your boss to send you to DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai this February.