Limited number of DrupalCon tickets to be sold on site

Every DrupalCon has a few walk-up attendees, and we expect DrupalCon Asia to be no different. In spite of some technical limitations, and in the interest of keeping DrupalCon Asia inclusive and true to the “come one, come all” spirit of the Drupal community, we have worked hard to make sure that a limited number of tickets will be available on-site for walk-up attendees.

On Thursday morning starting at 8:00, there will be twenty-five DrupalCon tickets available, as well as five Summit tickets (total — not five tickets per summit). Because of the logistics around payment processing the Drupal Association will only be able to accept payments for tickets in cash, and once the twenty-five tickets are gone, they’re gone for good.

The on-site ticket prices are ₹7,500 (₹6550.22 ticket + ₹949.78 tax) for DrupalCon tickets and ₹4000.00 (₹3493.45 ticket + ₹506.55 tax) for summit tickets. Tickets will only be sold until 12:00 noon on Friday.

It’s important to note that tickets will not be available for the Community Summit or for any training sessions — they’re all full. However, there’s still room in the Business, Government, and Higher Education summits, so feel free to walk-up and join us at 8:00 on Thursday morning. Just remember that you’ll have to enter your contact information at the front gate, and you’ll have to visit our registration desk to purchase your ticket.