Staying for the Community: Stories From Our Organizers

Some of our very own DrupalCon Asia organizers are members of the Drupal Association. We spoke to them about why membership is so important to them, and their answers were so great we had to share. As DrupalCon Asia gets closer, we invite you to read why they support the community and the Drupal project with us:

Aneek Mukhopadhyay, aneek, Kolkata

photo of Aneek

It is my pleasure to be part of this community and the Association. I know my membership supports many Drupal enthusiasts with scholarships and grants. It feels good to give something back to the community when you know it's helping others for a right cause.


Neetu Morwani, neetu morwani, Jaipur

photo of Neetu

I came for the software, but now what binds me to Drupal is the community. The community is full of vibrant and helpful people who are always ready to mentor you on each and every step. You also get to mentor and share your experiences with other people. With such fantastic people around you, work becomes more fun and this helps you in growing personally and professionally. Cheers to all the members of the community for putting in efforts to make Drupal one of the upcoming and trending technologies.


Ravnidra Singh, RavindraSingh, Delhi

photo of Ravindra

My eagerness to learn Drupal made me turn to the Drupal community. It is a place where Drupalers from across the world share their knowledge and experience on Drupal. I got hooked onto the community and started sharing too. I mentored people in DrupalCon Los Angeles, which was an awesome experience. I believe giving back to the community is the fastest way to learn and grow.


Rachit Gupta, rachit_gupta, Mumbai

photo of Rachit

I discovered Drupal in 2008 and took it as my career choice in 2010. I fell in love with the awesome Drupal community and decided to give back to this community in whatever way I can. I was motivated and inspired by some community members and with their support I started Drupal Mumbai which has now more than 650+ Members. I have worked on several Drupal initiatives, like organizing DrupalCamps, conducting regular Drupal meetups, knowledge sessions, and sprints, and promoting romote Drupal in education ( The Drupal Association has been very helpful in providing every possible support to make all this happen.

My Drupal journey has been incredibly awesome; it has made a big difference in my life. I have seen Drupal empowering many lives.

The Drupal Association supports every aspect of Drupal and the community. Supporting the team that supports our community is what matters the most to me. I renew my membership every year and try to promote Drupal in all ways possible.

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