5 Years being CTO and Business Owner: What I would have done different


5 to 6 years ago I was working with 5 other people in a small office in Zurich Switzerland and built small Drupal sites for clients.
Today we are almost 40 people working in 3 locations on 3 continents, together speak more then 20 languages and make multiple millions of revenue and I barelly produce any code anymore.

Time to share my experience with you.

In this session I will look back to the last 5 years of serving as CTO and Business Owner of these locations. And will cover these topics:

  • Which decisions we took we where super happy about
  • Which decision we rather regret and how we worked around our failures
  • What I would do different if I would go throught he same thing again
  • Why diversification is healthy and important 

This is session is interesting for you if:

  • You are in the beginning of your career and wanna learn what works, what doesn't
  • You are planning to open another office in another location in the world or just another team in the same place
  • You are in the same situation as I am and just wanna share experiencea


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