Agile Drupal : A Project Manager's approach on providing Drupal solutions


We typically look at Drupal from either developers perspective, where we talk about modules that achieve a particularly stubborn functionality easily or from client's perspective, where we try and discover features making them happy. 

I am here to present yet another point of view on Drupal. We see a lot of Scrum Masters and Project Managers who enter companies with 0 or no background on Drupal. They would want to learn it, but just enough to be able to stay abreast of the swarm of words thrown at by the drupalers. They would also want to learn the best way of tackling a project (I will be talking about Agile and Scrum here). 

This session will target this audience. Tips to handle Drupal projects. And learning Drupal the "Project Manager" way. 

Some of the concepts I will be touching upon are:

  • Agile/Scrum
  • Daily Standups and importance thereof
  • Demos and how to make them effective
  • Running Sprints
  • Defining/Deciding MVPs (Like CTs should be done first. A migration can be tackled second)​


The talk will target beginners and mid-level PMs/SMs. And it will be equally useful for Drupalers who are working in the capacity of PMs/SMs.

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