API Testing Automation Framework


This framework is responsible for carrying out automation of API Testing. This framework fetches the value from Excel sheet (used for inputs and expected results) and deep rooted JSON Response and finally compare the value to validate. It also has integrated UI automation feature(webdriver) to automate web based applications. Few of the features are:

  • API Authentication - API was authenticated using X-CSRF Token and the status code.
  • Automation tests to create, edit and delete a node using API automation framework.
  • This framework allows to automate new API with minimal coding which enables a non-Java person as well to work on the framework.
  • Control features of API automation framework by config.properties file that is human readable and easy to use. It enables user to:
    • Change server information to initiate test on dev/stg/prod or other servers.
    • Run test on local/cloud.
    • Quickly change excels by changing the path (to change the inputs sets).
    • Feature to select individual tests on different browser/OS configuration.
  • Enables user to run tests on Cloud viz. Browserstack and Saucelabs for UI tests:
    • Run tests on local on different combination of Browsers.
    • Run tests on Cloud with different combination of Browser and OS and their different versions as provided by cloud services
  • Continuous Integration(CI) through Jenkins. The job can be configured on Jenkins with capability to:
    • Trigger the job manually.
    • Trigger the job at a predefined time and sending the status report to specified person.
    • Trigger the job on every git push(Continuous Integration) and figuring out the name of the person whose git push had broken the tests and also sends a report to the responsible person.
  • Other features include:
    • Club different fields of excels or JSONs
    • Deeper penetration into JSONs

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