Attend it, if you are a new module / theme contributor


Today, many sandbox project dont make it to the full and published projects because people dont have rights to make their sandbox projects to full projects.
Most people arent even aware that you need to have GIT rights to do this, hence their projects never make it to Full Projects.
Another confusion people have is, having  GIT rights would be too difficult to have, and are not aware of the process at all. What they are not aware of is, it is way too simple to get these rights and it is as transparent as things can be.

What to expect

People in this session can expect to know how they can apply for a full project, what are the tools they should use if they are submitting their code for the first time, like Not only this, one of the important things being, how to fasten the process. As the queue is long, it takes months to get it processed. But there is a way you can fasten it. What is it and how to make full use of it, is something you can expect to know.
Apart from the novice contribution guide, you will also get to know about

  • Module Documentation
  • Branching Instruction
  • Coding Standards
  • Release naming convention
  • Creating a Branch or Tag (naming conventions)
  • Creating a Project Release
  • Fixing releases


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