Avoiding and surviving of stress & burnout


Working in an open source community is complicated because of do-ocracy. People can get too attached to the do-ocratic system and volunteer too much. The community also puts the top contributors under a heavy pressure. Most of the people working for an open source project are doing it as their hobby which sets them into a complicated situation; how to balance life between work, family, and hobbies.

Sadly, many of us has found our selves from a situation where we've already overworked and headed towards a burnout. Extricating yourself from too much work however is like climbing out of a hole, for a time it takes more effort in order to attain freedom. Once you realize you are overworked you must survive it for some time, while creating a path to reducing the workload. We will be sharing practical tips how to survive if you've already found yourself heading towards a burnout:

  • Organizing your workload (separate the important from the urgent)
  • Work and sleep schedules
  • How to sleep, fall asleep faster and relax
  • Self Motivation
  • How to say No, and delegate (the hardest thing you will ever do)

The topics we might want to have in the conversations in a nut shell are:

  • How could we avoid people burning out?
  • How could we help people who have felt burning out?
  • How could we lower 'truck factor' and move responsibility to less active people?
  • How could we communicate more transparently of the resources we have in the community to not cause frustration for people?
  • What have you done if you've felt burnedout? What worked for you and what didn't?

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