BBC Store: Bringing decades of video content to new audiences with Drupal

Rob Knight

BBC Store is a new online video-on-demand platform from the British Broadcasting Corporation.  With tens of thousands of hours of content, produced over several decades, it is a bold step into digital commerce.  And it's built with Drupal!

In this talk we will look at why Drupal was selected, how Drupal's particular strengths were useful to delivering the project, and how others can learn from this when pitching Drupal for similar projects around the world.

This talk will focus on how Drupal fits as part of an enterprise solution with multiple components, complex service-oriented architecture and large numbers of authenticated users receiving personalized content.

As one of the world's largest media projects in recent years, there were unique and interesting challenges to overcome, but also important lessons that can be useful for other similar projects.  In particular, the leverage of key Drupal modules to save time and effort, and the use of Drupal's data modelling tools to deliver complex product requirements were a crucial part of our success in delivering the product.

The audience for this talk can expect to receive a mixture of insight into the technical choices made, and the business-focused decision-making process that led to those choices.

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