Better understanding your ecosystem


Requirements gathering has come of age and those at the frontier continue to adapt it to a changing environment, where clients, stakeholders and users are better informed, empowered and in most cases know what they need.

In this environment as analysts we have to deploy tools from across verticals and add value by cross pollinating our own experiences from across the board.

The aim of this session is to introduce beginner and intermediate level analysts, account, project managers and business development leads to an innovative analytical tool that you ought to have in your tool box, and to do so with practical examples - this is an interactive session by the end of which you shall have an appreciation of Empathy maps, when and how to use them by building basic models during the session itself (all required materials will be provided).

The specific model to be covered: + Empathy maps to gain an understanding of your prospects, clients and stakeholders (Jury) to help get them on boarded, to help close the sale or to assist in identifying champions early on in the process that can be leveraged to get organization wide buy in. The learning objectives are to equip delegates with knowledge of a new and innovative business modelling tool that will enable them to better understand their prospects, clients, stakeholders and end users and thereby deliver beyond their expectations.

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