Boundary-less Agile in the real world - a practical guide


The aim of the session is to share the experiences I have had delivering large scale multi year projects using Agile, delivering to challenging time scales for startups, government departments and whilst rescuing projects. There is no one Agile fits all model out there, Agile is agile because of its adaptability to the ecosystem it is being used in. The 'train track' Agile mindset is something I see time and time again in organisations and teams who forget the ethos of being Agile.

Over the years I have learned which framework to use for what sort of projects and clients, be it Agile with stringent governance when working with Government departments, Agile with a just the essential governance processes with an emphasis on speed or Agile with flow control to manage multiple projects within a small team.

With tier 1 consultancies moving into the Drupal ecosystem the existing service providers in the ecosystem need to compete in ways other than size! Agile is more than a framework for delivery, it is a state of being for a company and if a company can tap into that state it automatically becomes part of an elite club of service providers who learn and adapt to a fluid landscape with efficacy seldom found in any ecosystem, its about being Agile and not just delivering Agile. 

The learning objectives of the session are to:
+ Assist delegates recognise patterns to determine which flavour of Agile ought to be used when and where
+ How Agile can be successfully used in small teams where the team does not meet the 7 +/- 2 criteria or can not afford to dedicate its entire talent pool to a single project
+ How to review Agile teams when the HR policy is geared towards individualism whilst the methodology in use is geared towards collectivism
+ How Agile can be extended beyond the delivery team and used by the entire company from business development to hiring new talent, and lastly
+ How to build agility into your service contracts so that you are legally protected in a fluid environment and your clients understand the impact of Agile on contractual obligations.

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