Break through large scale Drupal projects with Behat


In this session, we will go through the basics of behaviour testing with Behat and Mink.
We will talk about Drupal Extension and the benefits of using it ...but the most important part of our session will be real examples of successful implementation of these tools in some of our challenging, complex and large scale projects such as Københavns Kommune, LUSH, Pfizer, Dagrofa and etc.
We want to share our experience and give some useful ideas and approaches from problems solved.
All the tools and frameworks for automation are working fine, but when we talk about such huge projects all of them become insufficient and there are a lot of customizations you need to do. 
That's why we are focused on finding a specific framework that has component implemented to work exactly with Drupal, open source and easy to extend, and here it comes the Drupal Extension for Behat.

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Coding and Development

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