Build websites in Indian Languages: Powered by D8!

Prasad Shir

With over 350 million Internet users speaking more than 20 languages, India poses a unique challenge to the web fraternity! As the internet usage is growing at 15% per annum and as the Internet adoption is reaching Tier II cities and villages, there is an immense need to deliver content in Indian languages to end users. 

Drupal has always supported Indian Languages and Drupal 8 is multi-lingual at it's core! 

This sessions demonstrates how to leverage power of Drupal 8 to deliver Indian Languages based content. 

The session has two parts, the first part covers a walk-through of building a purely Indian Language based website and a multilingual website using Drupal 8. The second part of the session discusses some of the unique challenges related to building websites in Indian Languages, such as typing interfaces or keyboards, interface translation challenges, web fonts and community adoption. 

I have been developing Indian Language based websites in Drupal since Drupal 4.7 days and has built over 60 Marathi / Hindi websites in my career! This session summarizes this experience and provides the following to the participants: 


  • How to install Drupal in an Indian Language or enable Drupal to deliver content in Indian languages
  • How to enable multiple Indian languages 
  • Difference between content translation and interface translation 
  • How to translate interface
  • How to set up content translation capabilities and workflows

PART 2 : Challenges

  • Interface translation challenges 
  • Content editing / input method related challenges
  • Fonts related challenges
  • Community adoption challenges

At the end of the session, the participants will walk out with comprehensive understanding of  the know-how, the challenges and possible solutions for building Indian Language based websites! 

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Site Building

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