Building 8 communities from a single Drupal framework: 1000% increase in pageviews


Case Study on how we helped India's leading local search engine re-launch niche based communities  in 1000% page views increment since January launch. Close to a million pageviews in a last 2 months.

Key features which we will cover during the presentation: 

  • Building a base framework to build 8 communities; taking design decisions.
  • Using the framework to develop 8 communities in 8 months.
  • Use of Aegir to deploy communities
  • Migration from Joomla to Drupal
  • Managing each community separately
  • 20 different API integrations for deals, events, colleges, products
  • Gamification and points system across communities.
  • Easy roll out of functionality via "Features"


Few other stats which we will highlight

  • Greater than 300 users during peak times, 
  • Engagement has increased 5x times
  • while using Drupal as a framework rather than just as a CMS.

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Case Studies

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