Building Angular js web application on top of Drupal 8: API-first methodology


Today we are standing in midst of a revolutionalizing world wide web. Web applications are being designed to handle machine-to-machine communications. This new requirement has a dramatic effect on the API interfaces and now we are standing face-to-face with a new development methodology called API-first development.

Angular js has emerged as a fascinating front-end platform to develop web applications based on API-first methodology where the front end is a significant and separate web application built on top of the service based backend.

In this session we shall talk about -

1. Evolution of the internet and the rise of Web 3.0.

2. API-first development and the "internet of things".

3. Angular js: what is it and why do we need it ?

4. Calling and interacting to RESTful services using angular js.

5. Building a single page web application with Angular js on top of Drupal 8 - A live demo

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