Building Distributions for Fun and Profit: lessons from ten years in the trenches

  • What are the major challenges of making a distribution compared to a website?
  • When should you consider building a distribution?
  • What are the core requirements for a Distribution team?
  • How to structure a distribution

For the site builder, a Drupal Distribution can be a great way to kickstart a project, but building a great distribution is an order of magnitude more difficult than simply building a great site. For many common problems, the solution you choose for a distribution may be quite different to that which you use on a site projec.

Whether you wish to streamline a corporate platform, attack a new market, or just build better sites on the Distributions you have, this session will help you with tips and strategies from a decade of building distributions. 

Christopher Skene is one of Australia's leading Drupal professionals with over a decade of Drupal platform/distribution projects to his name, including the well-known aGov project, the Australian Governments govCMS, the Australian National University's Acton, and his current commercial project Komodo Canvas.
Skene also founded the DrupalGov project, and consults to business, the public sector and not-for-profit communities on leveraging open source software. Skene currently works for Australian digital agency Komosion as Platform Director.

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