Building search engine for Drupal site with Apache solr


We propose a session about building search engines with Apache solr.

Every great site needs a great search engine, and it is a very handy skill in today's sphere of web. We hope that the audience will be excited to learn everything they need to about Solr and how to setup and play with solr on a drupal site. We shall be covering solr's history, its integration with Drupal, and will show a step by step process of setting up Solr and make it work. We will also cover Views 3 integration with Solr, Aquia search module, Drush integration, Elysia cron.

We have attached a ppt where we have listed down the agenda of our session. Please note that this ppt is created only for proposing/listing the agenda. We will use a drupal stack and a different ppt presentation for this session.

Session Track

Site Building

Experience Level


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