I was invited at drupal camp singapore last year and was fortunate to hear the words from a video introduction by Dries Buytert and after that i was pump up with his vision for drupal 8 and it inspired me to initiate a project ContributeX. ContributeX is an event using our special approach to help inspire the Drupal community to jump in the trenches of Drupal 8 and make X happen.

ContributeX is a full-day event inviting Drupal developers to unleash their superhero and contribute to Drupal 8, and in return, the Top 5 contributors will be welcomed into The League of the Extraordinary and be awarded the most coveted X-Team award — a superhero illustration/reimagining of themselves (aka become HEROized).

The “X” in ContributeX represents the infinite ways that a developer can contribute to a community. We want this event to be a reminder to Drupal developers that contributing to Drupal 8 doesn’t have to be building a module — it can be as simple as supporting your colleagues, submitting bug reports, testing, documenting changes, giving someone a high-five, sharing Drupal 8’s progress with the world, and so many other ways. 

I was so happy that we were able to produce a lot of commits during our sprints and one of our commits made it to drupal 8 core. We want this to be replicated in other communities and i think Drupalcon Asia in Mumbai is the best place to have this. 

In this session i will be sharing our experiences and give some details on our approach why it brough a lot of impact on developers who attended the sprints.

Ill also be happy to conduct a sprint event if given an oppurtunity. 

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