Site buildling like a Guru

One of the most important long term architectural decisions one needs to make for a site are module selection and site building.

Its very important to get the architecture of the site correct and one should not see it as something in between module development and theming.

So lets review how to develop maintainable , logical and a roboust site. Hopefully even after years if you log in to the site it should make sense to you.

In this Session, we would be concenterating on building a fully functional Drupal 7 website. No prior Drupal Experience required. During this process , most important concepts which would be covered are as listed:

Topics covered 
  • Setup a Basic Drupal site
  • Create and Edit Content
  • Work with Menus, Modules and Webform
  • Work with Content Types and Fields
  • Work with Views
  • Work with Taxonomy
  • Work with CSS and JS

Session Track

Site Building

Experience Level


Drupal Version