Creating a Culture of Learning


The Desire to Learn is one of three core values that we seek when hiring at OPIN.  

The objective of this presentation is to provide the audience with an understanding of what it means to have a "culture of learning" within your company and the advantages it creates.  We will provide our special recipe at OPIN to fostering a culture of learning.  Finally, we will talk about how to extend this culture to our clients, and the benefits it can bring.

1. In this talk, I will provide the audience with:

  • Introduction to myself, our company.
  • What is a culture of learning
  • What advantages does creating a culture of learning bring
  • Our recipe for creating a culture of learning.

2. We will explore topics such as:

  • Vision
    Setting a corporate vision
  • Setting Goals
    Learning Plan, Certification
  • Resource Allocation
    Budgets, Time, Classroom / Boardroom
  • Guidance
    Mentorship, IRC
  • Experience
    Community Contribution, Client Projects
  • Positive Reinforcement
    Compensation, Access to company resources, Promotion, Feedback

3. Finally, we will discuss extending the culture of learning to our clients, including topics such as:

  • We are a team and we all need to learn and adapt: the success of the project is a shared responsibility 
  • Knowledge transfer so they can support and scale their own system 
  • Not creating dependencies, they get more value out of custom dev than content maintenance)
  • Teach a man to fish: applying the principles of open source to our client relationship

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