D8 and D(ev)Ops - Hidden Talent of Configuration Management

Sriparna Khatua

One of the highlighted features of the soon to be released Drupal 8 has been "Configuration Management". This session will give a brief introduction how configuration management has replaced Features and how it can be use to integrate the configuration changes (a changed Block weight, or a view etc.) from one environment to other environments.

With Configuration Management system and Drush commands we can update Git whenever  config changes are made and update Drupal's configuration store after a code deployment.

An additional step in between the export & import is the deployment which is the highlight of this session. We would discuss the complete workflow for deployment on multiple environments to QA / Staging / Production using DevOps (Jenkins) with some basic (required) deployment scripts and Jenkins Jobs.


  • What and how to use Configuration Management System?

  • Why can’t we just use features?

  • How it works in Drupal 8?

  • D for Deployment, DevOps and Drupal 8.

  • Demo of creation of Jenkins job, Scripts required for deployment.

  • Demo of a complete workflow.


Attend this session not just to learn how to import and export configuration changes or uses of configuration changes but to deploy it with ease using Jenkins to various environments and embrace Configuration Management in all its glory.

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Coding and Development

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