Data Science and Analytics in Drupal and Content Strategy

Have you ever felt that when you first launched your site and you had a look at the statistics, you were pleasantly surprised. However, with time, after years of investment on content and optimizations, the growth in the statistics were not as expected (as per the rate you had experienced earlier), especially after so much of investment in content and SEO etc? Well! You're not the only one!

As the content on our sites grow and user experience and interaction increases during the shelf-life of the website, the content-strategy that was drawn up during the inception of the site is no longer efficient. Just as with performace and infrastructure, it is now time to scale up the content-strategy as well.
It wont' suffice to base the content-strategy around parameters bound to the site alone; recommendation engines based on your site maps and traffic now need to be ramped up, user experience maps based on your site-statistics alone are no longer effective, profiling based on extended site user-profiles are no longer efficient, analysis done on a population chosen from the site-users alone are no longer enough to be as dynamic as the competition requires.

Yes, it is time to move beyond that, beyond the boundaries of your site now.

Data Science and Analytics have a come a long way, and now that you have enough content on your site, it is high-time to harness the power of that. Imagine a site where content behaves according to the patterns of your user's real life experiences and perceptions, a content-strategy that emphatizes with your uses's sentiments, and further, the behavior of their real-life connections. A site so dynamic that it taps into their preferences and mind-set, a content-strategy that takes into context the universe that your user is a part of, and engages with, day-in and day-out, 24X7, and how that web universe is affecting your user and vice-versa.

Now imagine a site where the content behaviour takes all of this into account, for each user, on every hit, re-thinking if the user has evolved since the last visit to the site.

This session will touch upon some thoughts along this, plans of implementation along with some examples/strategy along the line, touching lightly upon the technological road-map to the possible realization of these. 

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02/20/2016 - 17:30-02/20/2016 - 18:30
Hall 31