A Decoupled Drupal with Silex


"Decoupled Content Management Systems" are all the rage these days.  In theory, by separating the various parts of a CMS platform into separate pieces a site can scale, grow, and evolve more freely.  Of course, that's quite different than how most open source CMS platforms are built today.


That doesn't mean they can't be used that way.  Just because a given CMS is designed as an all-in-one solution doesn't mean it cannot be used in a decoupled fashion.  All it takes is a little cleverness and some Open Source goodness.  

In this session we'll look at how Palantir.net paired up Drupal with Silex to produce a decoupled, scalable, robust CMS to power a RESTful API for a major media company.  With Drupal powering the robust content administration system and Silex acting as a lean-and-mean REST server we were able to get the best of both worlds: Powerful CMS application and lightweight web framework.

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