There's an oft narrated fable of a king who blindfolded a few wise men and asked them to describe an elephant that they neither saw before in their lives, merely by touching the mighty beast. A pot said one, who felt it's head; a fan said one who felt it's ear.

Data that Drupal generates is akin to the 'Elephant' in the room. The objective is to crack open and demonstrate the underlying potential of this space for all participants in the session, with examples of data engineering projects that Azri works on to help make sense of large amounts of data in conversations, documents and files that are being delivered atop a Drupal platform.

In practical terms, participants will gain insights and ideas on exploiting Drupal data to create incisive and meaningful visual experiences that make sense of thousands of documents and corresponding conversations around them for starters.

Key Areas that will be covered:
How various aspects such as affinity circles in groups, key influencers in conversations, sentiment analysis in discussions, trending topics, social network analysis, opinion mining and many more areas can be visualized and leveraged.

Explore a range of market ready technologies and trends in topics such as Natural Language Processing, RDF, Visualization techniques and approaches, frameworks that can be deployed to extend the power of Drupal.

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