In this session we will discuss how Governments and Agencies can learn success formula's from Commercial players which are using OSS tools to deliver education solutions to the masses in a quick and cost effective manner.

Hyper-competitive practices in emerging mobile markets are pushing telecommunication players to be nimble footed with short-term strategies alongside organic long term growth plans. In emerging markets, these telco players are offering 'Mobile Learning Platforms', and have been working to solve last mile technology challenges faced by schools in African and Asian countries through innovative interventions.

With time to market being key, Azri partnered with such organizations to identify proven and tested Open Source technologies to build an education delivery platform for emerging markets. The platform is designed to work offline and online, with Cloud based Web services interfacing with any computing device over wireless and mobile networks to deliver content, support pedagogy and store learning records to help visualize and analyze progress and performance.

Key Highlights
- Drupal CMS
- Web Services built on top of Moodle, a popular Open Source Learning Management System, reeingineered and integrated with Drupal to meet needs of hierarchical organizations, and configured to support delivery of SCORM packages.
- Integrated Web and Android based Mobile Solution to deliver across High and Low latency networks

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