Device Detector - A simple way to detect devices


Device Detector is a simple, PHP-based browser and device(Desktop & Mobile)feature-detection module that can detect devices & browsers on its own without the need to pull from a central database of browser information and adds configuration classes to "Html Body Tag”, while the page gets rendered from the server end.

  • This module provides an admin configuration section, where the user can provide different class names for different conditions(browser & device wise).
  • This class names are then added to the html “
  • The class names for browsers are rendered based on the the admin configurations, using a browser’s(mainly) unique user-agent string as a key.
  • Mobile Detect Class, included in in the module itself, is used to collect and record any useful information's(like OS or device name) the user-agent string may contain, for rendering classes for device(Desktop & Mobile).

Project Url :

Git Clone Url : git:// Clone the repository and rename the folder "2523140" with "device_detector".

Requirements Module works with Drupal 7.x. Known problems

Currently Device Detector provides browser support for : - Internet Explorer(IE6 and above) - Google Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Safari - Opera Mini

Similar projects and how they are different

Available community modules : -

Detector - Mobile Detect - Browser Detection Note *: All these solutions somehow have certain dependency on other community modules or have to add some extra libraries.

Usage of jQuery Plugins. Note *:

Leads to client end dependency and loading issue for slow connectivity.


No such dependencies present. Simply install the module and do your stuffs.

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