The Digital Customer Experience Imperative


Customer experience (CX) is a strategic priority for organizations. 96% customer have disengaged from brands when they haven’t received relevant customer experiences (source: Accenture customer experience report). Forrester reports that CX leaders outperform laggards by over double digits on the S&P 500.

While CX is a priority, organizations aren’t able to deliver engaging experiences to customers due to focusing on channels rather than the customer journey, a lack of integrated technology and lack of a single view of the customer.

In this session, we will cover 5 pillars of incredible customer experiences:

  • Focusing on the customer journey
  • Data driven, personalized customer experiences
  • Capture a single view of the customer
  • Integrated marketing technology eco-system powered by an industry leading CMS
  • Multi-channel marketing

After attending this session, marketers and digital technologists can expect to take away key insights into improving customer experience, running effective multi-channel marketing and creating revenue roadmaps for their marketing organizations.

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