Disciplined Quality Engineering for Drupal projects


Disciplined software testing is theoretically impossible, until it is practised.

– Robert A. Heinlein

Quality Engineering - Now is used in almost all of the projects. Open source platform based projects, quality engineering tends to follow open source similar culture  and it is good. But for any software project moving towards enterprise solution - like applications based on Drupal 8 - more disciplined quality engineering approach is becoming a must.

For any platform to compete into a enterprise solution world, it has to ensure that delivered projects are served with absolute quality.

What it means to an organisation is to have an independent (in functioning) component within their project delivery cycle. This would enable and ensure them to deliver absolute quality products.

DQE is going to be a lifeline requirement going ahead to remain in competition for Drupal projects. Competitors are already at that level of quality engineering.

This session would be helpful to understand what does disciplined quality engineering mean and what are the the ways, processes, tools to implement it. The aim is also to discuss about various ways an organisation can establish disciplined quality engineering for Drupal projects.

This session does not primarily talk about automation but is aimed to address a much fundamental question about envisioning quality engineering going forward for Drupal based projects.

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