A Docker-based DevOps workflow for Drupal 8

Docker containers have taken the DevOps world by storm. Major players in the enterprise computing space have embraced containers as a way to easily create disposable development environments and then leverage those same containers for deployment. Drupal 8's implementation of a configuration management system solves a major headache for developers who struggled to export and version a full, reproducible copy of their site. Goodbye to the days of update hooks and Features (or, worse, post-it notes!) Containerized development can leverage the power of Docker with the advantages of Drupal 8's CMI to make development enjoyable again. Imagine provisioning a local development copy of a web site with little more than "git pull; docker-compose up". In this session we explore general considerations around using Docker for development and deployment, and then dive into a DevOps workflow for Drupal 8. You may never create another full-fledged VM again! For an example of code that may form the basis of a live demo, see: https://github.com/BradJonesLLC/docker-drupal This session is designed for developers who may be using another development provisioning system (e.g., Vagrant) or who are not currently using any particular DevOps workflow.

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