Drupal 8  : "Make in India"

Agenda of this session is to give a walk through on What is “Make in India” initiative and how as Drupal indian community we should looks forward for prospective "Drupal 8 : Make in India" Initiative.
This session is mainly aimed for those who believe India is growing largest market for opportunities tagged with Drupal and related technology stack like BiG Data, IoT, Decoupled Front-end etc.
Session will touch below points:
  • Highlights on contribution by Indian Drupalers, Drupal Shops and MNC’s
  • Growth of Drupal adoption in India in various domains
  • Feature of PHP 7, MEAN Stack, IoT, BigData with Drupal 8 in India
  • Drupal 8 opportunities in India for sectors like: eGov, Education, Smart City projects, Content Aggregation industry, e-commerce  etc. 
  • What can be done to support and make “Drupal 8 Make in India”  successful
This session will be good for innovation supporters, business panels who wants to get things done for there business, investors, one who looking for prospective talent acquisition.

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