Drupal 8 and the Benefits of Early Adoption


Becoming an early adopter has some risks, but it also has huge benefits. In this presentation, I'll cover the benefits to you and your organization in becoming early adopters of Drupal 8, give you a brief overview of new key features along with the advantages they offer, and provide practical tips on how you can get up and running quickly with D8 based on my experience at Examiner.com where we launched the first Drupal 7 site, and the first top 100 website on Drupal six months before the official release of the D7 platform.

This talk is based on a series of articles on Dev.Acquia.com
"Now or Later? Weighing the Benefits of Early Adoption of Drupal 8"  
"Ready to Learn Drupal 8? Here Are 7 Best Practices for Moving Forward

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