Drupal 8 Kickstart for Developers


Get into the Drupal 8 mindset. Understand the new Drupal 8 paradigms. Learn about best practice PHP OOP coding as employed in Drupal 8. 

This fast-moving, info-packed session presents the essentials a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site and understand more about how Drupal 8 leverages industry standards. 

Provides a look at these important, innovative aspects of Drupal 8:
- Site directory structure
- Module structure
- "YAML" .yml files
- How Symfony fits in
- Basic OOP: Traits, interfaces, abstract classes, classes
- Basic OOP: Classes in Drupal 8 
- Dependency injection
- Services
- Bootstrap flow
- Events
- Routing and controllers
- Caching Concepts
- Caching in a Render Array
- Render Array Essentials
- Basic Twig
- Hooks in Drupal 8
- Composer and Drupal 8
- Composer Manager
- Drupal Module Upgrader
- Drupal 8 Console
- Valuable changes to know: No more drush disable; No more vget, vset..    
- Misc

The Drupal 8 Kickstart presentation will be enhanced by screensharing PhpStorm.

When this presentation is complete the developer will have a solid mental roadmap of Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 changes. Plus, know where and how to integrate their custom module in Drupal 8.

Aimed at busy Drupal developers who need to catch up on Drupal 8.


Session Track

Coding and Development

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