Drupal 8 - Mobile Friendly CMS

Drupal Community has taken lot of effort to make Drupal a Mobile friendly CMS. With Drupal 8 there are lot of features / improvements that are done which makes so much easier and effortless to be on Mobile.
You can not only create Native, HTML and Hybrid Mobile Apps on top of Drupal but also have Mobile friendly website from the beginning. Anyone who has worked with Drupal 6  and Drupal 7 will know how difficult and time-consuming it was to get website work on mobile.
In this session, you will learn about how to 
  • Create REST API’s
  • Build a mobile application using Ionic Framework
  • Responsive Web Design / Images
  • Mobile Friendly Administration
  • Improved Front-end Performance and CSS Optimization
Drupal 8 has taken a big leap towards being a complete mobile friendly CMS. This will be a practical guide for those interested in how to best build mobile-first applications in this mobile world.

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