Drupal 8 Performance, Speed Matters. Big Pipe and Dynamic Page Cache


We have all been hearing that Drupal 8 is going to be blazing fast multiple times. In this session we will discuss what are the ingredients that makes Drupal 8 super fast and how site-builders and other module developers can leverage  these new features to speed up their web-site. We will have a demo with benchmarking stats to show you how fast Drupal8 can be. Don't miss the Big Pipe in the live demo.

In this session we will be covering the following :

  1. Thumb Rules of performance in general
  2. Drupal 8 Performance Enhancements
  3. Cache Invalidation
  4. Cache Tags
  5. Cache Contexts
  6. Server Side Dynamic Substitution
  7. Client Side Dynamic Substitution
  8. What is Big Pipe and how facebook uses it to improve your user experience.
  9. How Big Pipe improves the user perception of speed and Placebo Effect.

Session Track

Site Building

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