Drupal 8 Plugin API: Step towards Code extensibility


Drupal 8 has came far across making the development extensibility to a next level. One initiative is the introduction of Plugin API. Plugins are small pieces of functionality which are swappable/pluggable. Plugins generally perform similar kind of tasks. Drupal 8 plugin system allows developers to focus only on plugin implementations and the sytem will take care of its discovery and instantiation whereever needed. In this session we will be introducing Drupal 8 Plugin API terminology, basic concepts, its use in core and custom code.

Why you should attend this session:

  • Introduction to Plugin API
  • Why Plugins and how it helps make your code extensible
  • Plugin API¬†analogy with important design patterns
  • How Drupal 7 did it
  • Important Plugin API¬†terms
    • Plugin type
    • Plugin discovery
    • Plugin factory
  • Core functionalities built using Plugin API
  • Creating custom plugin using Plugin API

Session Track

Coding and Development

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