Drupal 8 Render Array and Caching Kickstart


Learn Drupal 8 render array and caching techniques fast. Get into the Drupal 8 optimized and performance-driven mindset. 

Know how to employ best practice coding in Drupal 8 that includes effectively using render arrays and caching to optimize your Drupal 8 module development.

This fast-moving session features in-depth perspectives for developers and looks at: 
- Render Array Concepts
- Render Array Properties explained: #theme, #pre-render
- Render Array Properties explained: #prefix, #suffix, #attached, #cache
- Render Array and .tpl files, Twig
- Render Array usage in Block Plugins
- Render Array integration with pre-process and process functions
- Caching: Background of BigPipe, SmartCache, Dynamic Page Caching
- Caching: Concepts of Caching, Invalidation
- Caching: IDs, Contexts, Tags and Max-Age
- Caching: Usage in Render Arrays
- Caching: Miscellaneous
- Looking towards Drupal 9

Improve the quality and performance of your Drupal 8 modules with render arrays and caching. And as a bonus, your understanding of how Drupal 8 render arrays and caching works will in many cases backport well, improving your Drupal 7 development practices too.

The Drupal 8 Render Array and Caching Kickstart will be enhanced by screensharing PhpStorm. 

Aimed at busy Drupal developers who want to ramp up on Drupal 8 now.

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Coding and Development

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