Best Practices and Standards


Simplicity has always been the glory of expression. A website is the very good example, Website simplycity is always judged by experience of two important entities,

a) End users.

b) Software developers.

Websites can sometimes be very appealing to end users but not to software developers, & sometimes vice-versa. This is because apart from the friendly and good looking UI, The important aspect of a website is How & What it's made of.

Drupal defines certain standards and best practices that judge the drupal application about what its made of.

This session will influence all the developers who are currently developing in drupal or are newbies. Attendes will learn how Clear content, architecture helps ensure good performance, a better user experience, and easier maintenance. Below listed are some topics that will be covered in the session

  • Coding standards
  • Writing code
  • Code Reviews
  • Security standards
  • Commenting standards
  • SQL standards
  • Optimization
  • Speed
  • Performance

This session will help attendes distuinguish between the good and bad drupal practices & standards for developing any future drupal applications.

Session Track

Coding and Development

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